For a Millenial like myself, there are only two ways to get home from the bars after being out with friends: Lyft or Uber. Consider it the Coke vs Pepsi debate among 20-somethings. You are either team Uber or team Lyft, and I vehemently team Lyft.

My first Lyft ride was such a cathartic experience that I was hooked on my first go. There’s something great about being able to sit in the passenger seat of your ride (the preferred way). I’ve had some of my most intellectually deep conversations in a Lyft. Lyft humanizes the service of getting from Point A to Point B, and for someone as outgoing as me, I’ve always just preferred it.

As a marketer, I can appreciate what Lyft stands for. Lyft has solid branding! Their entire brand platform benefits both the rider and driver. There’s something so special about their iconic pink mustache logo, and their customer service on social media is always top notch. For me, it’s always been a no-brainer on which service I will use to get home at the end of the night. Getting a ride in a Lyft has always felt like being picked up by a friend, and I’ve only had a handful of sub-par experiences over the years.

About a month ago, Lyft solidified themselves as the only ride-hailing service I will ever use — Sorry Uber! I had the experience of a lifetime when Demi Lovato picked me up in an undercover Lyft ride. Notably, Lyft has been traveling to their market cities surprising unsuspecting riders with a celebrity driver. While Demi Lovato was in Denver for her Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas, she drove an Undercover Lyft. I was lucky enough to be one of those passengers.

After the ride, I was offered tickets to her concert the following night as a thank you for my participation. A few weeks after the ride/concert, the video was released to their social channels. I watched it with one hand over my face, hoping that I didn’t embarrass myself too bad.

Brands can take a page from Lyft’s playbook. Rewarding those who are brand loyal and champion your brand will continue to fuel not only their love for your brand, but their peers’ opinion as well.

The next time you are picking a ride hailing service, I hope you choose Lyft! Besides, you never know who might be picking you up!