I’ve lived most of my life being the only Bianca that people often meet. I’d like to say that I become just another face in the crowd, but for some reason, my name seems to always stick with people.

While Bianca isn’t a completely uncommon name, it always tends to become a point of conversation when I meet someone for the first time.

I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times someone has asked me if I was named after Bianca Jagger, or if my parents were a fan of Binaca mouth spray. Among other references, 10 Things I Hate About you comes up a lot (RIP Heath Ledger). I specifically remember getting teased that I was named after Blanka from Streetfighter when I was in elementary school, which I now take as a high compliment.

While it isn’t technically a bad thing to be memorable, it can often come with a lot of extra responsibility, namely, remembering every person I meet. With a unique name comes the challenge of being memorable for your title, but I like to think my personality has a lot to do with it.

If I was to describe myself in one word, it would be cliché; however, ‘unique’ would be the best descriptor. I am not monochromatic at all, and I stand out even when I don’t mean to. I have a bubbly personality with a fearless mindset. I am outgoing and bold. From the way I dress to my approach to new situations, I am extremely gregarious.

I take my personal brand quite seriously, as I am the only person with my name in the world. As such, I try to stand out from the crowd without overdoing it.

If you were to look at my wardrobe, you would see a mix of bold colors, patterns, and materials. I have never been afraid of color, and wear the bold pieces proudly. I have an eye for fashion, and I reflect it in my wardrobe both at work and on the weekend.

Combined with a knack for never knowing a stranger I haven’t met, I definitely make an impression. I could probably talk to anyone given the chance. I thrive in socially awkward situations and try my hardest to establish relationships with every person I meet. I am a natural born networker and as such, love meeting new people.

How do you stand out?

Whether you are a brand, or a job seeker trying to get noticed, the key is always knowing what you have to offer the world. What sets you apart from others is always your key differentiator in any crowd situation.

Harness Your Strengths

I know I am a great communicator, strong writer, humorous and have a creative eye for detail. I bring these components into my personal brand and reflect them on my personal portfolio. I make sure that my personality shines through every correspondence and meeting I have.

Finding the things you are good at that can set you apart from the crowd are key. The low-hanging fruit of what makes you unique is such an easy asset to utilize to stand out. Figuring out what makes you invaluable to the market is a great way to instill confidence in a consumer, or employer.

Be Authentic

While the notion of following your heart can sound quite cheesy, it really is true! Never do anything as a job seeker that you don’t feel comfortable with. Be who you are, and let the fun parts of your professional side shine through. Authenticity goes further with consumers and employers, and it is easy to harness it.

Everything Within Moderation

With anything, standing out can come at a detrimental price. There’s always a spectrum of appropriate limits to push, and it will depend on the employer. Always read the tone of the job you are applying for, and find a way to put your flair on something in a professional way.