In 2017 I took a serious look at my health and decided to start working out. This was no easy task, as I had treated my body horribly for most of my 20s, but I decided that I needed to get a handle on it before it went too far out of hand.

I knew that I wouldn’t work out unless I had to pay monthly for it. I knew this because I had lived in an apartment with a gym for the last 3 years, and barely used it. So, I signed up for Fit36, a 12-circuit 45-minute Cardio/Crossfit HIIT class in July of 2017, and went 3-5x a week religiously until just before my wedding in 2018. It helped me gain strength, and I was slowly but surely getting into shape.

A few seconds before I almost ripped my shoulder in half.

A few weeks before Elvis asked us if we would spend forever calling one another a hunk of burning love for the rest of our lives in Las Vegas, there was a circuit with monkey bars as one of the stations. Upon dismount, I somehow hurt my shoulder, which made me fall out of love with this particular gym, because every new circuit continued to hurt my shoulder more. Sadly, I had to stop going in order to not injure my left shoulder permanently.

While it was a bummer to sit on the sidelines and fall slowly out of shape, I knew it was best for my health to find something that I could do with low impact on my ligaments. The only other workout I have ever truly enjoyed besides HIIT circuit training was spinning, which I had gotten to try out at SoulCycle in LA with my sister, and CycleBar in Denver. I also own a single-speed fixie bike, which I enjoyed riding in the summer with my husband.

I had seen ads for the Peloton bike, a stationary bike with a tablet attached, and thought it seemed rather gimmicky. I mean, how many times has someone bought exercise equipment and never used it? Surely, that would be me if I took the plunge. My parents had a Nordic Trak ski machine from the 80s, and they never used it, so this was my frame of reference for whether or not buying exercise equipment was smart.

Hubs and I after purchasing the bike (March 2018).

My husband was actually the one that wanted to go into the showroom in Cherry Creek Mall to check it out. We had just gotten back our tax return, and he wanted to see if the Peloton was as cool in person as it was in all the ads we had been served. Reluctantly, I went with him, thinking that this was going to be a waste of time. Upon entering the showroom, we were completely blown away and I essentially ate all my self-doubt.

The bike was cooler than anything I had thought it might be. I was allowed to try it out for myself, and the staff let me demo a ride (even though I was wearing a skirt). I loved that you had countless live rides and could choose from thousands of On Demand options, including scenic rides (Pro-Tip: these suck! Don’t take them.).

Is the bike cheap? No, but you can pay it off in interest-free financing, and the streaming capabilities are unreal for your subscription. If you are military, the accessories (weights/shoes) come free. We were convinced it was the right decision, and we scheduled our delivery for the following week. My husband and I, who will not be choosing to have children, joke that this is about as expensive as having one but far more worth it.

I was still slightly skeptical when I got the bike, but I knew that with a purchase as large as this one, I couldn’t just let that bike sit there without using it. So, use it I did! From late March 2018 to it getting packed in our household goods shipment on January 31, 2019, I have ridden our Peloton Bike 155 times. I did some quick math, and I have 53 hours clocked on the bike, and countless miles traveled clipped in. Yes, the bike is awesome, but that’s not the only cool thing.

After my ride in the Cherry Creek showroom (May 2018).

After ride 20 or so, their Home Rider Invasion (HRI) was happening at the ‘Mothership’ in Brooklyn, where riders across the country flock to seminars and live rides with their favorite instructors. If you couldn’t make it and were near a showroom, you were invited to come to ride in the store I swallowed my pride and rode live in a showroom next to a lady in her 50s with 2,500 rides under her belt. After that, I realized I had the courage to do anything I put my mind to. Old me would have never done that, but new me felt confident 20 rides in and thousands more to go.

What anyone who owns a Peloton (that uses it religiously) will tell you is that the best thing about this bike is the online community. It taps into the social media aspect with a Leaderboard to compete against other users, a follow option to ride with your friends, high fives for encouragement during the rides, and a fun rabbit hole of Facebook Subgroups for all interests. As an avid foodie and wine connoisseur, I really appreciated finding groups of people who use the bike the same way I do: to combat the pizza and tacos I enjoy eating.

The community will echo this from any soapbox you give them, but it really is how we talk about it. It’s not a facade. Peloton is, for many of us, one of the greatest things we have ever done for ourselves. I am moving to an entirely new city, and I already have friends thanks to Peloton. I also feel like I am motivated to push myself harder because I have a tribe of people behind me that want me to get to the next milestone.

When I hit my Century Ride in November 2018 (100 rides on the bike), I did the ride live and got two shoutouts from my favorite instructor Cody Rigsby! It pushed me harder, and I was able to get my first Personal Record in MONTHS! Not to mention, the hundreds of high fives from strangers and friends on the leaderboard. I am proud to wear my Century Club Shirt that Peloton sends you, and I consider it a badge of honor.

I am now at 155 rides, having taken my 150th milestone ride in January 2019, and rode that one as well live with friends and my favorite instructor. I got more shoutouts this time and also hit another personal record. You almost had to pry my hands off of the bike as they packed it away in our household goods shipment, and I will admit I did cry.

My ultimate goal is to work towards a large milestone ride for my 30th birthday and celebrate by participating in the studio for my 30th birthday this June. I am hopeful for that! I cannot wait to visit the mothership and meet the instructors that have totally changed my life.

After my 150th ride (January 2019).

For those that don’t want to bite off a big purchase like this, you can also pay for the streaming app on your Apple or Android devices. There are more than just cycling workouts that can be done on any stationary bike! There are yoga, meditation, strength, stretching, cardio, and running classes on demand and live as well!

Due to not having the bike until we get settled in San Diego, I will be using the app to work out and ride on my own. Though not the same, it’s still a really great perk to having a Peloton.

If you are seriously considering this bike, I strongly suggest you go to a showroom and check it out for yourself. It is an excellent investment in your health and an inclusive community of like-minded individuals that care about your personal goals. Once you have the bike, catch me on the leaderboard (#gimmedatpizza).

One Peloton for life.